Online Classifieds

If you have commercial vehicles, equipment, tools or parts that you need to advertise, we'll post them to our Online Classifieds provided you meet the following requirements.

You must be local to the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina.
All sellers must have a business location open during regular business hours so that prospective buyers can view the items you have for sale.
Sellers must pay a $10 listing fee via paypal:

Advantages for using our online classifieds are:

1. Unlike Craigslist or Ebay, our online classifieds remain online forever or until you tell us they've been sold and you want the phones to stop ringing.
2. No limit to pictures.
3. Fewer scam artists because we send them to your business and not to your email inbox.
4. More potential walk-in business.
5. As soon as your ad is posted we'll send you the link along with a list of ways that you can get more people to see your advertisement at no additional cost to you.