GreensboroJunkyards.com and GreensboroJunkyard.com are owned and operated by lifelong Greensboro resident, Billy Jones, a former employee of several of Greensboro's salvage operations and automotive service companies.

Greensboro Junkyards concentrates on local automotive services and charge nothing for basic listings. We work to improve the site, mostly by adding more local listings. While basic listings are free there are opportunities for enhanced listings at very competitive rates. We also offer a number of other services at very low cost.

The business model is local, concentrating on locally owned businesses, and offering services that the bigger online companies either cannot or will not offer. When you contact Greensboro Junkyards you get me, not a computer program or a person in some far away country.

The hardest part--other than making money-- seems to be site navigation-- getting people to where they want to go with the least amount of difficulty so that they can quickly get the information they need. I suspect navigation will always be a work in progress as the site is forever growing and changing.

Thanks you -Billy Jones